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>> these scenes are more common. >> i don't want benefits. i want jobs. >> do you mention that to president obama? >> he doesn't call me. >> how is he doing? >> terrible. >> do you think he will get re-elected? >> i'm still on the bus but i could get off the bus. it served in the congress and we were always telling the president what to do. we felt it was a reasonable role. >> you think that he lost his base. the polls show he gained more. >> well, there are people who like what he did. he made a republican speech. that is the fact of the matter. >> didn't bill clinton do that? >> yes. >> why are you yelling at me? >> i'm not yelling. >> yes, you are. you're scaring me. >> what is interesting is when he listed the names, he said and mitch, that is mitch -- >> mitch mcconnell. i notice that. >> what is interesting he didn't have a meeting with him for 18 months. >> right.
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so now it's mitch? >> i'm doing for the republican what is i would have been doing for the democrats, both if the democrats decided to come here. they decided they would only come here if the mayor refused to allow republicans to come here. that is outrageous. so they went to boston. boston is a nice town. nice town. [ laughter ] can't compare. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, andrea tantaros, bob beckel, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. guess what? this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: so, you getting ready for big game this weekend? i know i am. i'm stumped to watch the niners beat up on the ravens. so bob has to wear a belly shirt around the building. a game i'm really looking forward to gets underway
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before super bowl xlvii. slow pitch softball practice on cbs 4:30 on sunday. scott pelly said to put the journalistic credit on the line interviewing president obama. if steve croft's interview is any indication we're likely to see lead in to the puppy bowl rather than super bowl. >> how would you characterize your relationship right now? what do you think the biggest success has been. foreign policy success of the first term. >> your campaign was a bitter campaign. i'll spare reading you what you said. how long did it take to get over that? >> oh! what question will pely ask the president and what questions should he ask the
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president? mr. president what is your favorite salty snack or 7.9% unemployment and record number of people on food stamps. how will you fix that, sir? mr. president, baltimore or san francisco? or gasoline prices from baltimore to san francisco are ripping a whole through my wallet? what are you going to do sir? bring it around the table. bob? kidding. kimberly? >> kimberly: we should ask about obamacare and why he is going to penalize say a family of four making $96,000 and charge them $20,000 for obamacare. if you see the i.r.s. regulations, they are crippling. especially on the middle class and families trying to make ends meet. i think they are penalty when you look at it. >> andrea: ask him if he agrees with secretary of state, or former now, clinton's assessment we are in a global war against radical islamic jihadist. i would get him to acknowledge it and say the word.
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i'd ask what about she said today. took a smack at anyone criticizing her. she said that anyone who criticized her does not live in an evidence-based world. we have a refusal to accept the facts and we're unfortunate and regrettable. i'd ask about that. ask him about that. >> eric: how about you, mr. robert g. beckel? >> bob: this is just before the super bowl. i'm not sure these are the questions people want to hear out there. it know we'll talk about this in a second. by the way, i ain't wearing no belly shirt around. i never agreed to that. >> andrea: thank god. >> eric: you stiffed me. i am giving you seven points. >> bob: too bad you didn't follow the line. that is not my problem. no belly shirts. guarantee you that. >> kimberly: 5-1/2. duh. >> bob: i would ask the question about son why he wouldn't want to play football. does he think the game is get toog rough. >> eric: good. head injuries and trauma. >> bob: concussions. >> eric: we have been waiting for this.
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the best for last. gutfeld, you have questions. >> greg: he is lucky because you know it's going to be better than croft's interview of obama and hillary. that was not an interview. it was menage tai. >> kimberly: it is sonarly so ny on this end of the --naly on the end of the table. >> greg: all over the popcorn. i have advanced copy of the questions. they're tough. number one, what do you think of katy perry dating john mayer? did she get over russell brant? if you could have any animal talk in what would it be? did you see the bachelor on monday he? 's a virgin. that is crazy. can you look at this thing on my arm? it's a bug bite? what did you do for your pec? can you give this poem to
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hillary? you want to hang out after? catch a move re or stop at blockbuster. about benghazi, mr. mr. president -- just kidding. bottom line, i think that they should change the logo. for "60 minutes." the ticking stopwatch and turn it in to something else that better reflect what is they do. >> eric: idea? >> greg: i do. there it is. what do you think? >> eric: you make a good point. good point. how many times will he appear on "60 minutes" or cbs? this one i'm told by the producers the president, the president, this president always sits down with the network hosting the bowles. ssuper bowl. it's cbs. guess what next year? it's fox. they're doing the super bowl next year. will he do it again? >> bob: sure. >> eric: we would love next year for the super bowl,
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presuper bowl interview, love it. what do you say? >> bob: great idea. heco could bring in a derringer. democrat is not happe >> kimberly: that is not happening. >> bob: do you think the presuper bowl interview should deal with benghazi? >> kimberly: sure. why not? >> greg: "60 minutes" is culmination of entirety of unbiased reporting throughout year they put out. one week, two interviews. the point -- >> andrea: what hard hitting interview has he done? "entertainment tonight" and "rolling stone" and "new republic interview" with a former campaign quaid o aide. i would like to see a serious interview. >> bob: i never wanted my
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candidate on a place to get hart hid. >> eric: how about the journalists? we have the president here. >> bob: that is the journalist's problem not the president's problem. >> eric: this is the greatest example of media bias. on wednesday, department put out the gdp number for the economy. it shrank for first time. slapping or shrunk? >> greg: shrank is good. >> eric: shrank for the first time. abc glossed over it. nbc didn't touch it. watch what co scott pely did. >> this number will likely be revised as more data comes in. >> eric: we had the brain room research. group of economists. big group of economists that work for the department to come up with the number. scott peley tells us it will be revised. >> bob: virtually every number out of the department
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gets changed. >> eric: don't worry. >> bob: so why worry people about it? >> eric: it could be changed for worst. >> bob: sandy had a lot to do with this. >> greg: why do you keep bringing up sandy duncan. >> kimberly: bad experience with an ex-girlfriend, bob? can't get sandy off the brain. this is a frost of what pelley will do. softball and episode of "60 kisses." he won't hit him hard on any of this. gdp, benghazi, nothing. >> bob: why? >> kimberly: "60 minutes" a news program, bob. >> bob: sit around and watch the super bowl. you want to hear the president -- >> kimberly: that is the point. >> andrea: weigh in on silly issues. what difference does it make if hypothetically the president had a son and wouldn't let him play football. who cares? he shouldn't weigh on the n.f.l. decisions any way. butt out. >> bob: i bet more people in america happy to hear what obama and hillary clinton said to each other about their
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relationship than anything else you could have had. >> greg: the rest of the country is throwing up. this guy is overexposed than nudist camp. the for he talks the less you know about it. nobody asks a question that america wants to hear. you get all the fluff. you come away more confused. >> bob: that's why he has 60% favorable rating? >> greg: for two reasons. one, media basically hands him free publicity. number two, people like winners. he won. natural feeling to like somebody after you win. >> eric: you can't dispute there is a severe media bias especially when it comes to mainstream media. lately with cbs. the political director recommended that president obama pulverize is g.o.p. declare war on g.o.p.
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>> greg: so what? what difference does it make? >> bob: i like obama. i want to see him successful. >> greg: good point. if you want him to be successful. criticism helps him. the fact is he is not a successful president because the media doesn't hold his feet to the fire. >> eric: this puts fox news property and center on the map. it's proof that bob admitted main stream media has given president obama easy go of it. you need balance. other side of the story. >> andrea: badge of honor. fox news presents both sides of the story. the other side takes the obama talking points so he would do some good to actually come on fox. all right. here we are face to face. if president bush would haven't gone out and done any
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tough interviews the liberals would be going crazy if he did entertainment tonight. >> bob: can we let bush do his painting and stop bringing him up? >> andrea: that's ironic. >> eric: do you let sparkles play football? >> greg: not anymore. >> kimberly: captain. >> greg: we play touch football. because he is delicate. >> eric: leave it there. ahead on "the five" are commercials like these two hot for the bowles when kids are watching? we show somehow the race i ads popping up in sunday's game. coming right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: last week, two workers at a food distribution company were caught stealing $65,000 in chicken wings. who knows what they plan to do with the poultry. perhaps built a jirt out of
2:17 pm
chicken. prizes for the app are skyrocketing and the stupid government may be to blame. according to the national chicken council where i get all my news, companies produce fewer birds last year due to record prices for chicken feed. ie, corn. corn costs more because the government requires 40% of the crop to be turned to fuel. ie, ethanol. some might blame global warming. the default villain when you are trying to evade responsibility. i still blame climate change for jasper. you can blame obama. except that ethanol subsidiaries were around before him. given that food prizes are rising and they're food insecure, time for the president to stop the madness. it's a bad idea that reflects toxic thinking that the earth comes before earthlings. wings are the edible equivalent of copper wiring. what a deal to make a few extra bucks. why won't obama end the travesty? maybe he is chicken. for sunday's game, why not try
2:18 pm
a new snack. buffalo environmentalists. sure they're stringy but if we eat enough of them, think how much corn and arugula we can save. >> the apology. >> i'm sorry. >> greg: i can't apologizing for eating environmentalists. that was disgusting and appalling. >> bob: suggesting that chicken was going to hurt poor people. >> greg: it is. >> bob: fine. >> greg: by the way, bob, both bush and obama punted like $1.5 billion in grant and loan in the industry. you to admit that's madness. >> bob: do you know every year before the super bowl the price of wings goes up? it's totally and complete conspiracy. >> kimberly: why do you say -- >> bob: it is. last year, the same thing happened. the year before that -- >> greg: the critics of bush said it would happen. >> kimberly: because you are a sore loser. >> bob: it's not that. for the last three years the price of chicken wings have gone up before the bowles. >> greg: chicken in general is going up, my friend.
2:19 pm
>> andrea: food in general is going up. >> bob: are you going to eat that right now? >> kimberly: what does it look like? >> bob: it looks like you are -- are -- >> eric: no. can you please not eat? >> kimberly: one at a time. >> bob: talk about the chicken thing. you explain why chicken prices go up before the super bowl? >> eric: why does gasoline go up in the summer when people drive more? demands. >> bob: okay. there you go. >> andrea: that is not true. food prices in general are going up. and in fact, do you know we're going to consume -- >> eric: wait. >> andrea: what? no. what bob said is not true. what you said is true. what bob said is not true. bob said before the super bowl they go up. they don't. you know how many wings we're going to consume super bowl weekend? 1.32 billion.
2:20 pm
enough times if you put wing by wing to go from the ravens stadium to the 4ers stadium 27 times. >> greg: why would anyone do that? >> andrea: why would they count how many wings it would take? >> greg: i want to talk about al gore. he has had an awful week. the allies they went to visit, talk show. they are tired of the scam artist. roll tape. >> here is the guy who just sold current tv to al-jazeera which gets an undetermined amount of funding from the country of qatar. which gets the money from oil reserves. isn't there a contradiction in that? >> i understand that criticism. >> you had an opportunity to make a statement probably about your principles. i thought it was an odd move. >> i'm not sure. it ought to know but i don't know. >> wait, i can google it.
2:21 pm
>> yeah. >> are you al gore or are you in business with this country that is enabling the ultimate climate change -- >> i think i understand what you are getting at. >> greg: the only friend al gore has left is the masseuse. >> eric: al-jazeera means $100 million my share alone. >> andrea: sucker! why is he stressed out? what does he have to worry about? he pulled the wool over everybody's eyes. democrat is my point. somehow that a bad week? >> bob: what is wrong with $100 million in a deal? you are big capitalist. what is wrong with it >> eric: >> andrea: now it's okay? >> eric: time-out. i said from day one on this show five or six times we have done the segment i have no problem with him selling current tv for $100 billion he wants to. he came up with the idea, he sold it. my problem is the money he made divesting in climate
2:22 pm
perkins funding some companies that were getting money from the government in green energy loans, money that probably would have not gone to the companies had there not be a -- >> bob: if capitalism works nobody is buying these chicken wings. these are the hottest wings. >> kimberly: super spicy. but they're good. >> bob: you're puerto rican, that's why. guest gore is the generation's -- >> greg: is gore the generation's snake oil salesman? >> kimberly: no. he was getting paid. i don't begrudge him the judgment to sell. i don't agree selling it to al-jazeera but the's capitalism. he came up with an idea -- >> greg: you spent a lifetime talking about how'm the oil companies were and you shouldn't be beholden to the oil companies. >> andrea: he advocates for the taxpayer dollars, government subsidies to go to the green energy companies to then have the -- >> kimberly: he's hypocritical. >> bob: he raised climate change as an important issue. it will haunt you and you
2:23 pm
believe it doesn't exist. it does. [ overtalk ] >> andrea: i want to give the media credit for asking him the tough questions. matt lauer asked him a tough question and letterman did. shocking. you have to give him credit. >> eric: what does al-jazeera mean? >> andrea: no, is it hypocritical? they didn't have to ask him. >> greg: he himself thought it was odd. we have to take a break. don't ever bring chicken wings on the the table. >> kimberly: just because i can eat whatever i want and you're jealous, why do you hate -- >> bob: i can't eat them. they're too hot. >> kimberly: i ate four. >> bob: puerto rican outlet. they're great. >> bob: i hope no woman ever dates you. >> greg: up next? a kiss just a kiss or is this something that kids should be
2:24 pm
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2:29 pm
together, they're perfect. >> greg: there you go. >> kimberly: how many takes -- bob -- [ laughter ] bob said he would have done it hundreds. >> bob: he died and went to heaven. >> kimberly: he is getting red. nervous reaction. >> bob: what is wrong with everybody? >> kimberly: you can tell physiologically he is having a response to it. >> bob: i think he looks like that normally. >> kimberly: do you like it? >> eric: it's terrible. the question is it's super bowl. young kids watching. i'm fine with it up until they go to the closeup. that part. that part right there. >> bob: c'mon. you're a wuss. >> i'm not. >> kimberly: a little
2:30 pm
closeup. >> eric: my son is 14. if he was five, i might be -- >> bob: really upset by that. >> eric: "dad, what's that?" >> bob: he is not asking you that. he knows what that is. >> kimberly: let's get perspective from the super model and then we'll get your reaction. here she is on the today show. >> did you have any second thoughts about doing this? i don't mean with jesse, i mean in general. >> a funny thing. because i had a strange dream that all my friends know about it, i always wanted to go to a club, or somewhere filled with people. look around, choose the most, the one guy that is most unlikely that i will ever kiss or pay attention to. and go and kiss him in front of everyone so he will be happy and will remember it for the rest of, i don't know, the week. >> bob: if i could be that guy.
2:31 pm
>> kimberly: bob! >> andrea: a bunch of nerds in america hold out hope this weekend going i wish she would come kiss me. i don't think it's racy. i think it's unsafery the sound effects why you are eating but i don't think it's bad. the -- >> kimberly: what do you mean sound effects while eating? >> andrea: at a super bowl party and eating food. you to see the closeup of their nose hair. it's not exactly -- >> bob: you guys are a bunch of prudes man. >> kimberly: it's cute. she is incredible actress as well. >> greg: she is a liar. >> kimberly: why are you so mean today? cranky. >> greg: as likely to go in a bar and with an ugly stranger as i am. anyway, that -- you know what is weird about the commercial? didn't it strike you as unnatural, like two different species? a cat mating with a giraffe. the reason it was so odd is because it would never ever happen. you would never see anything
2:32 pm
like that. my favorite super bowl ads are the proactive commercial but i play them backwards to watch them get pimples. if you are feminine and work in advertising it has to be weird. you talk about how there are no differences between men or women. they're all the same. when you want to make money, you want to make money, the first call is get a model with big breasts. >> bob: there is a lot of difference between men and women. >> andrea: who says there are no difference? >> greg: women. >> bob: tried to get married to one. you will find out. >> eric: can i do -- >> bob: you were married three times. >> kimberly: i was not. >> eric: we should never show an ad like this. one more time. see it one more time. see how bad it is really is. that's it. >> kimberly: what are you talking about? what about kate upton? >> bob: see that one again. >> kimberly: that is a good one. >> bob: that is a good ad.
2:33 pm
yeah. [ laughter ] >> andrea: does someone have a hose for bob? >> kimberly: honestly. >> bob: mother of god. >> kimberly: okay, bob. take it easy. what about carl junior get it all over your face? where is that? >> greg: i would rather see the p.c. matic commercials. >> kimberly: this is a good one. >> greg: you like the veggimatic commercial. >> kimberly: you are losing focus. >> today we're shooting a commercial -- >> the girls are making millions and millions and millions of dollars. >> kimberly: i love a free market society. >> bob: paid to delays guy? >> kimberly: duh. i would do it for $20. we will tell you how to plan a
2:34 pm
perfect super bowl party and not at bob's house. that is next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, whesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, reversal from obamacare o. non-profit religious employers can opt out of the mandate for female contraceptive coverage through the healthcare plan. we'll explain what it means. january unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9% from 7.8. it comes one day after president obama shut down the jobs council. and the same day the dow soared past 14,000. republican opposition is growing against nomination of chuck hagel as defense secretary. 19 g.o.p. senators say they will vote -- 12 g.o.p.
2:39 pm
senators say they will vote. he testified before the senate armed services committee thursday. hillary clinton said goodbye to her kriegs at the state department this afternoon. the same day a suicide bomber attacked the embassy in turkey. it's friday. the friday lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ i have a lot of eating planned for sunday. hot wings, nachos, sausages, maybe a wall russ, who knows. the inside of my stomach will look like a michelle obama nightmare. >> andrea: mine, too. super bowl sunday could be the biggest party day of the year. putting together a party is key.
2:40 pm
you have been to a party or two, bob, or 700. any advice? >> bob: i tell you who you don't want to have? no euro trash there that will call football soccer -- >> andrea: would offending people, do you have party planning tips? >> bob: don't have people who think they know something about football and don't. they don't have a clue. the other thing is you always have good dip. >> andrea: i am with you on that. taco dip is the first thing i go for. >> kimberly: seven layer taco dip. >> andrea: what is a must have that you walk to a party? "b" line to? >> kimberly: to the wings. i love nachos. with cheese and jalapenos. >> andrea: shredded or vele veleta? >> kimberly: velveeta first. i love pigs in a blanket. those are the best. >> bob: look how excited that greg is. >> andrea: food you like at super bowl parties or party tip? >> greg: you need a super
2:41 pm
bowl. keep your toilet fresh for the guests. you were wondering what, what is his name? kimmel meant about a michelle obama nightmare? that is what the inside of his stomach will look like? it will look like sean hand mity. >> bob: i don't get itheer. >> andrea: when you said bowl, at first i thought you were making a washington or oregon pot joke. but you meant toilet bowl. if you do it right and enough hot food there -- >> you need a big screen tv. it has to be very loud. forget it. if people say it's -- you want to hear the crowd noise. you need a lot of ice cold beer. a lot of beer. >> kimberly: carona with lime. >> eric: hide the remote. don't let them change the channel. >> andrea: good party tips. >> kimberly: you have to be star to the remote control. >> andrea: you brought up beer. did you know that americans --
2:42 pm
get the statistics. will consume 50 million cases of beer on bowle super bowl bee. listen to this, americans will eat 30 million pounds of snacks. that is 11.2 million pounds of potato chips. 8.2 million tortilla ships. 4.3 pounds of pretzels. big fat food loving nation. >> bob: by the way, i think the important thing, you mention the ads. can we again look at that ad for the go daddy go? it's important people missed it. i just want to be sure nobody missed it. that is all. >> eric: you are filling in for o'reilly next week. >> andrea: any other party tips? besides the taco dip. >> kimberly: you ate a crock pot of dip at dana's house? >> bob: it was good. >> kimberly: tweeted about
2:43 pm
it. >> bob: we did. >> kimberly: it sounded delicious. it had velveeta in it. it makes everything better. >> andrea: chili is good. >> bob: that is good. >> andrea: i can't wait to eat. coming um, hangover, calling in sick, lost productivity, all things that happen on monday after the super bowl. or in greg greg's life. get a national holiday? we'll discuss the merits next on "the five." ♪ ♪ if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i love it. >> bob: all right. we'll get around to who will win the game and i'll guarantee you by the jersey i'm wearing what will happen. but there are a lot of people who drink on super bowl sunday. a lot of them don't drink well. this is not because i'm a recovering alcoholic i say this. i think a lot of it consumed by people who shouldn't consume. now a petition to the white
2:48 pm
house to make monday a national holiday because take a look at the figures here for a second. there are six to # million workers expected to take off because they are probably hungover. 1.5 million called in out sick in 2008. 4.4 million people came in late in 2008. let me just ask you, before we get to who will win the game. let me give you my view about the dayoff. why in the world you take a dayoff, punish people who are alley workers because a bunch of people got drunk makes no sense. this is a commercial exercise. you shouldn't have a day off. national dayoff. martin luther king day, that is an important deal. super bowl, give me a break. eric? >> eric: do we have any time left? finish the block out. i'm teasing. >> kimberly: day off! dyoff! >> eric: this is a great idea. i love the idea of a day off. it's america's day. day off after the super bowl.
2:49 pm
>> bob: what about the people who are paid hourly? >> andrea: just rearrange the football schedule -- >> eric: you're not fun. maybe make it start earlier and do it on martin luther king day. >> bob: do it on saturday. greg has been so in to this show. what is your view in >> greg: i agree with you. >> bob: thank you. >> bob: i agree. national holiday for hangove hangovers. in my household that's a sunday. if someone called in because they were hung over i would fire them. i'm not kidding. i have been drinking for 25 years, i never missed a day of work. the best thing for a hangover is to show up and to work through it. sitting around and sulking because you have a hangover a w. wife can't we have a holiday after the downtown abbey
2:50 pm
finale, the stuff like matter. >> eric: who are you people? >> kimberly: you're in purple. that is the first problem. >> bob: you think the day after a national holiday? >> kimberly: i'm all for it, baby. what? >> bob: let me ask you this. what are you doing for the super bowl? >> eric: skiing all weekend long, coming back for the bowl. friends having a party. don't you want to talk about who you want to win? >> bob: i will. >> greg: is this the "dor" "e" block? >> andrea: i have a party to go to with friends like i did last year. >> greg:ly be watching the game with my friends, being the stuffed animal i want to be. sit around a table. we have tea and crackers. it's a lot of fun. >> bob: what should i say you're doing? and the other guys? sorry. >> kimberly: bob, you are such a hater.
2:51 pm
>> bob: i'm not at all. >> kimberly: awesome super bowl party and you wish you were there. >> bob: i probably do. i'm going a small super bowl party. who is going to win the game? >> eric: we bet. 7 points. loser wears a belly shirt. >> bob: i never agreed to that. do something serious. $500. so you think san francisco is going to win? >> eric: yeah. >> andrea: if bob loses he has to win a belly shirt? >> kimberly: belly sheet. >> andrea: i might -- >> bob: first, make one thing clear. the bet is you gave me seven points. not forget this. >> you know who i want to win? i don't have a horse in this race. every woman who is scientific, ladies. this is how i chose my team. the cuter coach. take a look. twinsies. the ravens' coach. john, cuter than 49ers. >> kimberly: what are you talking about? it's jim tall wail, baby!
2:52 pm
>> bob: that's because he looks like your boyfriend. that's why you say that. >> kimberly: 49ers will win. >> greg: i take 49ers by three runs. >> kimberly: that explains the sweater. >> bob: i suppose we shouldn't ask this question. who are you for? >> kimberly: 49ers all the way. i was a 4ers fan since i was a little girl, going with my dad till i was a big girl. >> own box. had my socks -- >> bob: how long were you the first lady? >> kimberly: four years. >> bob: you were married four years? >> kimberly: i was married five. >> bob: now he's lieutenant governor and you're here with us. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
2:53 pm
executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ ale announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go naonal. go like a pro.
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2:56 pm
>> eric: already time for one more thing. greg, kick it off. >> greg: happy birthday to my dear late pal andrew breitbat who would have been 44 today. he was a great man. my best to his family as well. >> eric: pioneer. conservative movement. agreed. kimberly, you're up. >> kimberly: i have a cute video. it's awesome and involves a dog. kept the mail for the postal worker.
2:57 pm
brings it back. >> there you go. >> give it to him. that's all i got. >> have a nice day. >> go give it to him. >> bring me the mail. >> best part of my day. >> bob: it's a bill. >> kimberly: don't you think that's cute? bob, the postal worker says it makes his day. he loves what the dog does. we're going to train jasper to do this, deliver scripts. >> greg: there is no jasper. >> eric: he's a good boy. >> greg: no jasper. fabrication. >> kimberly: i thought there was no casper. >> bob: good news on thursday, we got to change to calendar to february. we don't have to look at that anymore. >> kimberly: my gosh. that shot! >> bob: thank you! seriously! >> bob: he looks like he has underwear on. reasonable pictures. >> greg: the january has the dog sitting up. >> bob: we thought at first it was pair of underwear. >> kimberly: we were like my gosh, what happened. >> eric: puppy porn, you
2:58 pm
called it. >> kimberly: we thought somebody photoshopped nasty pants on jasper. >> eric: ange, you're up. >> andrea: remember the movie "the blind side" with the family that adopted michael orr, and sandra bullock, she won oscar for this performance. the real michael orv playing for the ravens and he will play this weekend. the first ever super bowl. a fun fact, in 2001 -- last time the ravens was in the super bowl, he was in eighth grade and he hadn't been adopted. they were on fox and friends. listen to them talking about the benefit of adoption. >> kimberly: how cute. >> this is a pinnacle. cherry on top of the sundae. you see your kid week after week after week playing, grinding it out, knowing the ultimate goal. to finally get here, you are like oh, my gosh. >> there were so many challenges and opportunities. two other kids. it just became part of a big bowl of gumbo.
2:59 pm
>> andrea: another reason i'm rooting for ravens. i just keep getting more reasons. >> bob: a great story. wonderful story. >> kimberly: awesome. >> eric: so many people pulling for ravens because of that. >> kimberly: now i feel bad about -- >> greg: a lot of people not because of ray lewis. >> bob: i'm wearing ray lewis' jersey. >> greg: why would you do that? >> bob: a great football player. >> greg: did you hide it for him later. >> kimberly: deer antler. >> andrea: do you think the deer antler spray is a big controversy? >> bob: i do. what is a controversy here, the deer antler snore sprayed deer antler extract -- >> bob: i didn't know that. >> eric: what are you talking about? >> kimberly: check out more facts on who you support. >> bob: eat another chicken wing. >> kimberly:ly after the show. >> bob: we missed an opportunity today one we went over something too quickly. my one more thing, i would like to see once again the go

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